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  •     We provide professional and result oriented consultative services in these areas:
  •     Specialised Research
  •     Debt Settlement and documentation;
  •     Home Owners Associations Disputes Resolution.
  •     Maritime and international affairs; and
  •     Law Technology Applications and Litigation Support Services

Where your business involves ships, boats, fisheries, seafaring, or any aspect of the maritime industry, talk to us first.   Maybe you just need someone in the know to assist you deal with export-import traders, lawyers, realtors, bankers, international organizations, or governments,  talk to us before you take any action.

As part of our business packages, we provide specialized research tailored to your needs and budget; debt documentation, evaluation and settlement and documentation; and assist home owners associations amicable resolved disputes with membership.

For those in the legal field and especially solo practitioners, we also offer law technology applications and litigation support services such as; evaluation, testing, comparison and assessment of  cost/benefit analysis, training and support.

Please step in and visit with us and we are certain your visit will be pleasant and educational.